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This Network is under Pitouf protection

  Betas-Online is a now two years old IRC network. It has been created in September 2001. It also went down for internal reasons on April 2003. So we can consider this as a rebirth. This network is based on friendship and original IRC spirit. This is why our motto:

Respect Others to be Respected

  We will do our best to make your stay with us as good as possible.  To visit us, in your IRC script use as server info:




Channels Events
| No big news those days in the channel life. Many of the people have been very busy with their work (was it school or job). Lot of new channels, mostly French ones, have joined us. We welcome them officially and hope they will find what they are looking for ;-).

Network Events
| After few testings we are not happy with NeoStats services. So we simply give them up, waiting for a possible better release  later. We have upgraded to a more stable server. This server will be our hub and will handle Kepler irc server. Anope services are also up to date (1.7.12) and thanks to your comprehension we are running them on a safe brand new database. The next change will be  to reassign Dirac irc server. Indeed it has to be stopped at the end of October and not replaced immediately. We thank you once more all for your support.

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U S E F U L    L I N K S

| IRC scripts:
| mIRC - Homepage
| Official network script.
| IRCScripts - Resources & Search
| mIRCScripts - mIRC Scripts and More
If you are an mirc scripter fell free to contact us to have your script added here :-).

| Web sites:
| - Lot of interesting things there.
| #Betas-French - Secured Homepage!
| t - Homepage

F A S T    H E L P

| Looking for some popular channels?
I downloaded mIRC, now what do I do?
For any comment or question concerning Betas-Online network today life, email to our support team. Feel free to contact our team members if you need some help.


Interested in linking to Betas-Online?

   Betas-Online Network was created in a team spirit. We are a small family, always happy to meet new friends. Our main purpose is not to become a big network. But on the other hand we stay opened to opportunity to grow up. So, if you like the way this network is managed, feel free to ask for information concerning a possible link.  After we receive your application, our team will evaluate your server. Checking for our minimum requirements (see below) and a few basic things. We are not looking for "empty" link for the moment. So you must be either an existing network or a shell with some channels and users (see requirements below).
   Links are voted by the core admin team. It is a team decision. In general, a first vote will decide if you can link or not for an evaluation period, and a final vote will be set at the end of this evaluation period.

   If you have any questions, please email
linking. If you need additional help please check the support section on our webpage or /join #help. We appreciate your interest in Betas-Online and hope to see you soon.

| T1 or Better
| IRCd up/running (Unreal v. 3.2 only) at the time you submit your application
| Ports 6665-7000
| Minimum number of channels and users
| No big net (we want to stay at a human scale)
| No services already running (or agreement to jump on Anope).

For more info:
link team.
Meet these requirements?
Apply for link.
View the server list on our intro.

We are recommending Domestic Cleaning Services for all the help they've provided us as of late.